A complete ban on drones would be supported by one in five people, according to new research.

And only 15% of poll respondents thought that measures currently in place to stop drones disrupting airports were adequate, despite new government legislation coming into force in March.

The findings follow a rise in drone-related travel disruption across the globe, with flights recently grounded at Gatwick, Heathrow and Dubai airports.

Almost half of the 1,009 people surveyed by Holiday Extras said they would like to see a ban on the use of drones by people who have not passed a drone pilot examination and received a licence.

A further 21% would like to see a blanket ban on drones.

Holiday Extras is proposing a ban on the sale of drones over 250g to any non-commercial operator who has not passed a suitable drone theory test.

A limit of 250g for the immediate purchase of a drone would mean children and hobbyists who just want to play with a toy drone would still be able to.

Larger unmanned devices, that require responsible handling and have the potential to cause airport disruption and personal injury would be limited only to those with a proven theory-test pass prior to obtaining their machine.

Holiday Extras employs a number of qualified drone pilots, licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority to fly the company’s camera drones which are used to film the airport hotels and car parks it offers, as well as film guides to holiday destinations.

Jon Vickery, one of the firm’s drone pilots, said:“Many of our customers have expressed concern about the growing number of drone-related disruptions and some have experienced it personally.

“As a result, we were keen to combine our experience and research to explore potential solutions for this issue for future flyers.

“The measures we’re suggesting would create a barrier to entry. They would prevent a person from making a snap, impulse purchase and ensure they really think about owning a drone and what that entails.

“Restricting the initial sale of the drone until the in-person drone theory test is completed would help to reduce the cases of  impulse buying or even rushing to get it in the air without due care and attention.”