The premier of Bermuda is meeting British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh today in an attempt to persuade the airline to cut fares to the destination.

Dr Ewart F. Brown said  UK visitor numbers to the country are down 10% this year. He wants to drive tourists back to the island by ensuring there is adequate airlift at affordable prices.

He also revealed he has been having informal meetings with a range of low-cost carriers in the hope of  replacing the capacity lost when Zoom Airlines collapsed in August 2008.

Dr Brown said: “I am meeting Willie Walsh at British Airways to see if we can work something out. We need some strategic lowering of air fares. I am also searching high and low for a low cost carrier.”

The destination is offering discounts on hotel stays through the trade. Agents booking hotels between December 22 and January 6 will receive a discount of £400 per week on booked accommodation.