Travel Weekly readers will be some of the first people to see television adverts lined up for the forthcoming peaks campaigns when our first digital-only edition goes live tomorrow.

Both cruise companies and tour operators have given the paper exclusive access to the adverts that will be used to drive sales over Christmas and in to the new year.

Reporter Edward Robertson, who oversaw the digital edition’s editorial content, said: “To get these adverts is a real coup for Travel Weekly and shows the power of the digital edition.

“The peaks market is still core to the industry and we are delighted to be behind the first public airing of the adverts that businesses will use to drive sales in this period.”

TWgroup chief executive Simon Ferguson added: “Travel Weekly has always been at the forefront of innovation and the digital edition will prove no different.

“Not only will we have the embedded adverts, but we will also have a review of the year and interactive competitions, while some of the industry’s biggest names will be making their predictions for 2010.”

The digital edition will be available on the Travel Weekly homepage from December 18. It will also be sent to all our email subscribers.