Wellness breaks are no longer a “passing trend” due to a focus on mental and physical well-being.

The message came from the boss of travel deals firm Travelzoo as it revealed findings of research showing more than a quarter of people remain as stressed or more so in their lives than they did last year, despite 64% wanting to make their health and wellness a priority

The study of more than 1,400 British travellers was commissioned ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week on May 13-19.

It found that that 88% of respondents think mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing.

A total of 62% believe that social media has a detrimental effect on society’s mental wellbeing and 25% saying it has a detrimental effect on their own mental wellbeing.

However, consumers are determined to focus more on their health and wellness this year compared to last (64%), with almost half (46%) concentrating on their mental health in 2019.

The majority (90%) said that a holiday or short break had a positive effect on their mental health, with 79% of the survey participants interested in taking a wellness break or holiday in 2019.

A multi-day getaway or weekend break within a short drive of home is the most popular type of wellness break (77%), followed by a holiday that has multiple days dedicated to wellness activities (41%). Those really looking to de-stress were drawn towards week-long immersive retreats (37%).

Travelzoo is launching ‘May is For Me’ to highlight the importance of health and wellness with a dedicated mircosite featuring  wellness and wellbeing themed breaks and deals.

Travelzoo is working with James Wallman, author of Time and How to Spend It, as a spokesperson for the campaign. The book contains a science-built seven-rule checklist for spending your time in ways that will reduce stress and anxiety.

Travelzoo UK general manager James Clarke said: “The concept of a wellness break is no longer seen as a passing trend.

“Mental and physical wellness is being incorporated into so many aspects of people’s lives; from the working environment, to how they eat, socialise and of course spend their leisure time.

“Having analysed the results of our research, we have worked with our partners to create offers that will leave people feeling rejuvenated and revived both mentally and physically.

“We have lots planned in the wellness space and ‘May is for Me’ is just the beginning.”