Free water bottle refills are being offered to passengers using Manchester airport.

Travellers can top up bottles at any of the 33 outlets across the airport’s three terminals in addition to water fountains located in both arrivals and the departure lounges.

The UK’s third largest airport has signed up to a scheme called Refill, a national ‘city to sea’ initiative backed by local water company United Utilities.

The scheme also aims to reduce the amount of single use plastic waste.

Refill hopes to cut plastic bottle use by tens of millions each year with more than 16,000 free tap water refill stations across the UK and others overseas.

Airport head of retail Mike Ward said: “As the airport gears up for its busiest ever summer we know that many passengers are now travelling through with their own water bottles.

“This scheme will make it even easier for them to fill up and ensure they’re staying hydrated for their flights.”

Refill regional co-ordinator Sarah Irving added: “Rolling out Refill in Manchester airport is really going to help the campaign for reusables to take off, with many travellers opting to take their own bottles and cups when travelling.

“The aim of the campaign is to normalise using a reusable bottle, so the support from such highly populated places like airports is a great way to get more people on board, making it easier to reuse on the go whether at home or abroad.”