Brexit and its impact on the price of flights and holidays continues to be a worry for many consumers, new research into personal finances reveals.

Almost half (48%) of people are concerned about the price of airline tickets, while 47% remain worried that package holidays would increase in cost.

More than a quarter (29%) have already reconsidered travel plans or holiday bookings because of Brexit, according to the poll of 1,000 people by market research firm Harris Interactive.

Forty six per cent of consumers believe the UK’s departure from the European Union will have a negative impact on their personal finances, as opposed to only 15% who believe Brexit will improve them.

Over a third (36%) aim to reduce their use of credit, while more than quarter (28%) are spending less on hobbies and going out because they felt worse off, with concerns about longer-term financial security after leaving the EU.

And more than a quarter (26%) of respondents already feel worse off because of Brexit, with a similar number (28%) saying their day-to-day expenditure had increased.

Meanwhile, 23% of those surveyed had concerns about how Brexit would impact on their current mortgage, while 22% had delayed home improvements.

A third (33%) of respondents were concerned that the return on their pension scheme might be affected by Brexit, while 28% worried they may have to delay retirement plans.

Michael Worledge, head of financial services at Harris Interactive, sad: “Our survey reveals that there are genuine concerns for consumers about their personal finances when it comes to Brexit and beyond, particularly over pensions and holidays.

“As debate continues in Parliament over the Brexit deal and the wider economic future of the UK, the public is also looking at how this will have an impact closer to home.”

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