An on-board flower show appeared on Heathrow Express today to mark the start of the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

More than 3,000 flowers were installed on the 43 seat, 23-metre long carriage.

The ‘flower express’ display lining the walls of the carriage  featured 1,850 hydrangeas, 220 wisterias and 1,000 stems of sea lavender.

The mix of real and artificial flowers were attached to the ceiling and walls using suction grips and hooks. Plants in the luggage racks were held in place by foam.

It took four hours to install by eight people after several months of planning.

Around 18,000 passengers are expected to use the transfer service today across its 150 journeys.

A Heathrow Express spokesperson said: “The duration of our transfer service is just 15 minutes so we wanted to make an instant impression on customers departing from and arriving in the UK.

“The Chelsea Flower Show is one of the biggest events of the year but not everyone gets the chance to experience it so we wanted to give travellers a little taster.”