Former cruise ship singer Jane McDonald is switching from sea to land with a new TV travel show.

She is to front the Channel 5 series called Holidaying With Jane McDonald where she will trial holidays of a lifetime.

Celebrity guests will join her for parts of the programme which is due to be screened next year.

“I’ll be joined by some familiar faces as I travel the world, visiting lots of fabulous destinations and trying out what each resort has to offer.”

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The new series has only just gone into production so few details have been disclosed.

McDonald tweeted: “I’m so excited to announce my new show ‘Holidaying with Jane McDonald’ – a classic holiday show with a modern twist!

Channel 5 said: “Holidaying with Jane McDonald is a return to the classic travel show rebooted for today’s armchair tourists.

“Doing for getaways what she’s done for cruising, Jane and a host of familiar faces will travel the world, visiting must see destinations and testing what each resort has to offer – it is the ultimate try before we buy.”

Her Cruising With Jane McDonald show has helped raise the profile of both ocean and river holidays for multiple seasons with the programme winning a BAFTA award for best feature in 2018. The sixth series was shown recently.