If you look on with envy as colleagues head off to dream destinations on fam trips, read these tips to boost your chances of going on an educational.

1. Show an interest in the destination:

If it has a training course, go on it and if there are destination-related roadshows, attend them. Swot up on it and start selling it to clients.

2. Network

Give out your business card at destination events, build relationships and put your name out there.

3. Ask

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Ask the operator or tourist board representative whether you could be considered for an upcoming trip.

4. Prepare for hard work

No operator or tourist board wants to host an agent who sees the trip as a free holiday, as the aim of the trip is to get to know a destination. Moaning about too many hotel visits won’t go down well.

5. Deliver results

They’ve invested in you by taking you on a fam and they will be looking for you to make sales when you get back. Aim for fams to places that suit your market and you should reap the rewards.