With all the social events that go on in the industry you might not think employees have problems meeting people. But from this week it should be even easier thanks to a new dating website set up especially for the industry.

Meettravelpeople.co.uk is the brainchild of New Frontiers and Online Travel Training founder Julia Feuell, who said she was inspired by her work in travel recruitment.

“This has been at the back of my mind as every year someone we send for an interview comes back and says they didn’t want the job but they fancied the interviewer,” she said.

“I did some research and spoke to various people in travel who were excited about the idea – agents were the most excited.”

The site will offer people from all walks of travel the chance to meet each other online and hold events such as speed-dating and singles salsa dancing.

Feuell added: “If a member wants to hold an event, whatever that might be, they can contact us and we will market it to the other members.”

Meettravelpeople.co.uk also features a free 30-minute relationship advice service and workshops on various topics to help networking and flirting skills such as ‘how to meet a handsome stranger’.

Feuell is confident the demand is there and expects thousands of people to join. She also plans to launch an affiliate scheme so that agents could earn commission by getting other people to join up.

Feuell added: “The first 500 will be free to get it going, but after that I will be charging because research shows that if people pay to join, they take it more seriously.”