Former Big Brother contestant Keeley Johnson is turning her attention from housemates to holidays as she looks for her next opportunity in travel following her departure from the house.

Johnson’s presence on Big Brother was cut short when she fractured her ankle while taking part in a task dressed as a spider. She spent the night in hospital before going home to recuperate.

The former manager of The Co-operative Travel in Oldham told Travel Weekly: “I called my area manager to see if he was happy with how I was perceived and he was very supportive. I have had lots of nice calls and flowers from everyone I used to work with.

“Now I’m keen to get a new job as a travel agency manager – but my first priority is to get my ankle better,” she said.

The 30-year-old said she hoped she did her fellow agents proud during her 11-day stint in the house. “I was giving the housemates advice on holidays. I don’t think they realised how knowledgable travel agents have to be.”

She added: “I think people saw my work side rather than my personal side – I wanted to manage everyone and get things organised.”