Association’s chief executive Mark Tanzer explains its Value Tourism general election manifesto

Abta launched our election manifesto, which outlines our priorities for the next government and all MPs elected on December 12, yesterday.

The document is designed to inform policymakers and highlight the value of the travel and tourism sector to the UK economy as a revenue generator and provider of jobs.

Our asks of the next government include helping Abta in our mission to build confidence in travel.

Part of that confidence will depend on creating a future that is sustainable in every way, and we need government to work in partnership with our sector to support our efforts to contribute to its climate change goals.

We have seen some steps suggested already, but we really need a holistic approach to tackle this major issue.

We’re also seeking government engagement to secure tomorrow’s tourism workforce and to ensure the UK remains competitive.

Critically, thinking ahead to our potential new relationship with the EU, the needs of our sector must be taken into account when the UK’s future immigration regime is designed.

We have therefore asked that reciprocal worker arrangements be maintained to enable overseas workers to support UK travellers in destination.

We’re also seeking investment in infrastructure to improve surface access to airports, and highlighting the need for measures to support small businesses and the UK high street.

Please do take a look at our ‘Value Tourism’ manifesto, which provides more information than the highlights mentioned here.

And please lend your support to our social media campaign at #valuetourism. The general election is an opportunity for members to remind prospective parliamentary candidates of the importance of travel and tourism as an employer and as a service to constituents.

Our team will be more than happy to assist with this. We’ll also be using the manifesto after the election as part of our engagement activity with newly-elected MPs.

Abta is fully committed to campaigning on your behalf for a successful and sustainable future for all our members. The onus is very much on any new government to act and work in partnership to build on the industry’s success story.

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