Aircraft are being chartered by the UK Government to help fly people out of Bahrain as violence escalates in the Gulf state.

The charters are being deployed today (Thursday) to supplement commercial services which continue to operate from Bahrain airport.

“We recommend those British nationals who do not have a pressing reason to remain to leave via Bahrain International Airport on March 17 by commercial means,” the FCO said.

“The UK government is chartering planes to supplement commercially available options. These will be available to assist the departure of British nationals from Bahrain to Dubai on March 17.”

The cost of seats on charters is £260 per person. The heightened evacuation efforts came after government of Bahrain declared a three month state of emergency. “We continue to advise British nationals currently in Bahrain to remain at home until further notice,” the FCO said.

“We continue to recommend those without a pressing reason to remain should be ready to leave at short notice.”