Neil Herbert has resigned from the board of the Institute of Travel and Tourism with immediate effect.

Herbert, who has been on the board for five years, said he had quit because of extra work commitments at Value Retail, where his responsibility has been extended to head up travel partnerships globally instead of within the European Union. Value Retail operates nine outlet shopping villages in Europe, including Bicester Village in the UK.

Herbert, who has had senior roles at Holiday Taxis, Holiday Extras, Mobiletrails and Comtec in the past, handed in his resignation over the bank holiday weekend, with immediate effect. He sat in the general category on the board, which already has four vacancies up for election and 11 candidates contesting for seats.

He said: “I joined ITT because I wanted to make a difference and help the organisation move forward but I don’t tthink I can now commit enough time and effort.”

Herbert also sat on an ITT committee to develop the institute’s website but stood down at the start of the year for the same reason.

He added: “I think ITT has moved on dramatically – membership has increased and the conference is always sold out – but I also think there are still improvements to be made and one of these is the website. We want a site that brings in revenue.”