Only 5% of people do not intend to fly anytime soon, the results of a new poll reveal.

Almost a quarter of those surveyed (23%) already feel comfortable flying and an additional 32% expect to do so within the next six months.

The remaining 45% are either unsure or will wait for at least six months before taking an aircraft again.

The principal concern in booking air travel was disruptive travel restrictions (63%) with the risk of an imposed quarantine.

Almost two-thirds (61%) said that having free cancellations or the option to rebook would make them feel confident about flying again.  

More than half (56%) were concerned about potentially catching the virus on a flight and 45% concerned about catching it in their destination.

About half (53%) said that free hygiene kits would give them confidence, according to the poll of 700 consumers for Malaysia Airlines.

It found that 69% are keen to take long overdue overseas holidays (69%), reunite with family (41%) or to get back to their usual work travel routines (33%).

The airline’s UK and Europe regional manager Daniel Bainbridge said: “While much of this survey is in line with our expectations, we were heartened to see that such a large proportion of travellers in the UK are keen to fly again and we were pleased that the measures we’ve implemented are more or less in line with what our customers want from the aspect of travel safety. 

“It was interesting to learn that customers were particularly concerned about travel restrictions around the world, more than anything else.”