Travel will return to its previous level without “a shadow of doubt”,
easyJet chief executive Johan Lundgren has insisted.

Speaking on a Future of Travel webcast, Lundgren said: “People
want to travel. We see that when travel restrictions are removed,
particularly for holidays but it is also the case for business travel.

It’s an unbeatable proposition to be in the same room as somebody.
“There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that we’re going to
get back to the levels we had before.”

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He said: “There will be a point when this has been solved, one
way or the other, with a vaccine or testing or the pandemic has
subsided or gone. It’s not even a question in my mind that travel
is going to come back and grow. The question is when and what
shape it’s going to be.

“There is underlying demand for travel, for people to meet. The
world is a better place with connectivity and that will not change.

“There were changes to travel after 9/11, but did that scare
people off travelling? We will adapt to go on holiday, to visit friends
and family and to make business meetings that are essential.”