The Sovereign Cruise Club has launched a new website and revised corporate identity.

The luxury cruise agency said its new branding was designed to represent ‘the very best in luxury digital cruise travel retailing’.

Managing director Stefan Shillito said: “We are exceptionally pleased with our revolutionary new website. The design brief was to digitally present the world’s most luxurious cruises in a clear, informative and stylishly sophisticated way, using hundreds of high definition images and video content.

“The new site also had to clearly represent our exceptional knowledge, warm personalities and peerless service levels as one of the foremost luxury cruise agents globally. Our new site is easy to use, allowing the user to promptly find the information required and it stylishly represents the very best luxury cruises. We also used this opportunity to enhance our branding, making it more suitable for digital use and including the tagline that we have been around since 1998, which I think is of great comfort to clients at this uncertain time for luxury travel retail.”

The website was designed by the agency’s digital media partners, Solutions Squared.

Tony Mallinson, Sovereign’s senior market manager, added: “We felt it was time that the quality of the digital representation of luxury cruising emulated the wonderful on-board experiences. We have never felt that campaign banners and price led sites do justice to luxury cruise retailing and can be off-putting to potential luxury cruise consumers. Hence why our inspirational new website features no such clutter and considerably more high definition images, videos and personal experiences than any other luxury travel online platform.

“It is also the first luxury cruise website that permits the user to search multiple destinations, multiple luxury cruise lines in one search and permits the selection of ship size based on the number of guests on board. This is very important to our discerning clientele. Uniquely, our current promotions can also be searched by luxury ocean, luxury river or luxury expedition cruises or any combination thereof.”

To celebrate the launch, Sovereign has created a competition for visitors to enter for the chance to win a free luxury cruise.