Holiday costs in Madeira have emerged as the cheapest across overseas autumn sun island destinations.

The low cost of both alcoholic and soft drinks helped to make the Portuguese Atlantic island the cheapest option, Post Office Travel Money found.

The new comparison of the price of meals, drinks and other tourist items in eight European and Caribbean islands showed Madeira to be the best value at £65.53, just beating Paphos in Cyprus at £66.40, where prices have risen 3.7% year-on-year.

Lanzarote, the cheapest of three Canary islands, was almost 12% higher than in Madeira, with Tenerife and Gran Canaria even more expensive. The Canaries remain under UK quarantine restrictions.

Corfu was the most expensive in Europe for the basket of eight items, including a three-course evening meal with wine at £95.72.

Caribbean islands surveyed were more expensive than any of the European destinations.

Prices in Antigua were 41% higher than a year ago at £107.80 for the eight tourist essentials – most likely because cheaper restaurants remain closed in the capital of St John’s.

By comparison, the cost in St Lucia was only 9% up on 2019 levels in Rodney Bay (£111.58).

Head of Post Office Travel Money, Nick Boden, said: “Although a number of popular destinations in Spain, France and Greece are quarantined at the moment, our new report reveals that holidaymakers who want to travel abroad still have plenty of good choices among European and Caribbean islands.

“Madeira will make a great substitute for the Canary Islands, if these remain subject to quarantine, and the autumn temperature in Cyprus will make its resorts a great holiday option.

“Further afield, visitors to the Caribbean can expect an even sunnier climate.”

Post Office Travel Money Islands in the Sun Holiday Barometer


Cup of coffee – café/bar£0.70£2.33£1.63£2.22£1.66£2.70
Bottle of local beer/lager – café/bar£1.12£2.80£2.33£3.36£3.26£2.70
Bottle/can of Coca-Cola – café/bar£1.12£1.86£1.63£2.42£2.52£2.24
Glass of wine – café/bar£2.33£3.45£3.73£3.73£3.73£3.73
1.5 litre bottle of still mineral water – supermarket£0.33£0.25£0.33£0.65£0.58£0.42
Suncream (SPF15, Nivea/Ambre Solaire) – supermarket£3.73£5.86£7.45£10.62£7.27£12.11
Insect repellent – supermarket£2.33£4.84£5.58£2.33£2.32£3.72
3-course evening meal for 2 with bottle of wine£53.87£45.01£50.56£52.19£57.78£52.10
TOTAL COST£65.53£66.40£73.24£77.52£79.12£79.72
2020 vs 2019 %+/-NEW+3.7%+10.4%NEW+2.0%+7.9%

ITEMSGran CanariaSicilyCorfuSt John’sRodney Bay
Cup of coffee – café/bar£2.10£1.40£2.80£2.49£2.17
Bottle of local beer/lager – café/bar£2.48£2.80£3.26£2.49£1.86
Bottle/can of Coca-Cola – café/bar£2.10£2.56£2.70£1.55£0.47
Glass of wine – café/bar£4.05£5.59£3.73£5.59£4.66
1.5 litre bottle of still mineral water – supermarket£0.76£0.23£0.43£1.86£3.09
Suncream (SPF15, Nivea/Ambre Solaire) – supermarket£7.88£12.58£7.08£11.81£14.59
Insect repellent – supermarket£9.27£4.19£6.06£6.21£8.94
3-course evening meal for 2 with bottle of wine£59.18£64.31£69.66£75.80£75.80
TOTAL COST£87.82£93.66£95.72£107.80£111.58
2020 vs 2019 %+/-N/AN/A+11.0%+41.0%+9.0%