Government travel advice to Egypt remains unchanged in the face of a fifth day of violence as mass numbers of protestors call for a shift in military rule in the country.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office said violent confrontations between demonstrators and security forces were continuing, leading to 33 people being killed and 1,800 injured since Friday.

As protestors continued to occupy Cairo’s Tharir Square, military leader Field Marshall Mohamed Hussein Tantawi said presidential elections would be held by July 2012.

But many protesters in the square said the concession was not enough and demanded that the field marshal step down.

Clashes have also been reported in Suez, Port Said and seven other cities, according to the FCO, which stressed that there are no travel restrictions to Egypt in place.

But the FCO said: “British nationals should stay away from Tahrir Square, including the Egyptian Museum and the downtown area of Cairo including Maspero and the Interior Ministry.”