The Scottish Passenger Agents Association (SPAA) has launched a petition calling for an to end Air Passenger Duty (APD) and called on other trade bodies to support it.

The SPAA “End APD – Keep Scotland Flying” petition is available both electronically and in print.

The association wants members to email it to clients with e-tickets and to send out a print copy with travel documents. It also hopes they will display the petition in shops and offices.

SPAA president Kevin Thom urged members to get behind the petition and “gather as many signatures as possible”. He said: “This will re-double our efforts to raise public awareness of how much each passenger is paying in tax each time they fly.

“We are taking a lead which we hope other trade bodies – Abta, the GTMC [Guild of Travel Management Companies] and Advantage, chambers of commerce and airports – will follow.”

The SPAA is a member of the Fair Tax on Flying coalition, which Abta played a leading role in bringing together. Coalition members met last month and agreed to continue their campaign against APD without settling all the details.

The announcement by the SPAA did not include a link to the petition.