Dnata Travel Group and The University of Surrey’s School of Hospitality & Tourism Management have joined the Women in Travel BAME [Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic] corporate membership.

The aim is to address shared challenges around racial equity in the travel industry.

Dnata Travel chief executive John Bevan said: “We’re proud to be championing diversity in the travel industry as an ally for BAME travellers.

“In 2019, we launched the ‘Belong initiative’ to challenge ourselves around issues relating to diversity and inclusion within our organisation, so it feels natural for us to be partnering with BAME Women in Travel on this important topic and is very much part of the internal conversation we’ve been having.”

University of Surrey professor Nigel Morgan said: “With this membership, we hope to encourage our students – the future generations of industry leaders and professionals – to address and tackle racial disparities in the travel sector head on.” 

Google was one of the first major organisations to sign up to the BAME corporate membership scheme in December.

The initiative forms part of a three-year plan to ensure that BAME employees and entrepreneurs within the travel industry have “fair and equal opportunities” to be hired, retained and promoted.

Women in Travel executive director, BAME, Jamie-Lee Abtar, said: “We are pleased to have some incredible partners join us on our journey for creating a more equitable and diverse travel industry.

“From academia to industry, we are charting a path to a more inclusive and diversified workplace as we begin to rebuild and restore a bigger and better travel industry.”