Manchester airport remained confident of avoiding major flight disruption as fuel supplies were due to be restored this morning.

The airport said it had been told that refinery production was back to normal, but fuel supplies would not be fully restored until 8.30am today.

Earlier it warned that some airlines might not be able to refuel at the airport, and that some might decide to cancel, divert or delay some flights.

Shortly after 6pm last night, it said there had been no disruption so far.

It continued to advise passengers travelling to check with their airlines before going to the airport.

An aviation fuel supply comes from the Essar refinery near Ellesmere Port on Merseyside. It uses around three million litres of aviation fuel a day or the equivalent of 79 road tankers.

The fuel supply comes from the refinery via a pipeline which is capable of pumping 250,000 litres an hour.

The airport said that the Essar refinery had confirmed that fuel supply stocks to the airport were being replenished and would be restored by this morning.

A spokesman for the refinery told the BBC that the shortage was caused by “production issues”.

The airport said: “Disruption has been kept at a minimum and so far no flights have been cancelled or diverted. We would still advise passengers travelling this evening to check their flight status with the airline before coming to the airport.”

An airport spokesman said last night: “We are going to get through this evening with no disruption, but a handful of flights, perhaps five of them, may be delayed by up to an hour in the morning.

“The fuel supply from the refinery came back on at 5.30pm, it takes four hours for the fuel to get from the refinery to the airport, and it will then need time to settle. It will be released on to the airfield to the hydrants at 8.30am.”

The airport said that there were a few minor delays this morning but contingency plans had worked well so far.