The boss of British Airways’ parent International Airlines Group has further lambasted the government over its stance on aviation.

Speaking at the Iata AGM in Beiing, he accused the Coalition of “doing everything they can to suppress and damage” aviation.

“They are top of the list of governments who don’t get it,” Walsh reportedly said. “They are out of touch with the opportunities which exist for aviation.”

He contrasted the government’s approach to aviation with countries – such as the United Arab Emirates – who have what he described as more “progressive” stance towards the industry.

Walsh, a leading critic of Air Passenger Duty, accused the government of taking aviation for granted and the contribution it made to the economy.

He also condemned the requirement for the Chinese to have a separate British visa on top of one for visiting the other European Union nations.

The issue of visas has emerged as a particularly sensitive one, with airlines and tourism chiefs fearing that Britain’s strict rules is stifling growth, the Daily Telegraph reported.