UK business lobby group the Institute of Directors is backing the Fair Tax of Flying campaign against high rates of Air Passenger Duty.

The IoD’s support comes just three days after the Taxpayers’ Alliance announced its support for the efforts to encourage travellers and businesses to contact MPs about the levels of APD.

Campaign organisers said that more than 7,000 people have visited and sent an email to their MP using the site’s standardised template.

IoD director general Simon Walker said that the government had been treating APD as a “cash cow”.

“The IoD backs this important campaign at a crucial time for the travel industry and the wider economy,” he said. “For too long the Government has seen APD as a cash cow.

“The UK now levies the highest aviation passenger taxes anywhere in the world.  This is unsustainable and is a major deterrent to tourism and inward investment.

“I would encourage everyone in the industry, as well as the travelling public, to send an email to their MP to get this campaign noticed by policy-makers.

“Successive governments have been taking airline passengers for granted for far too long.”

Abta head of public affairs Luke Pollard said: “Around 700 people each day are writing an email to their MP which is testament to the growing opposition to this tax from ordinary travellers and businesses – all of whom suffer because of the UK having the highest flight taxes in the world.

“Our aim, however, is for thousands more people and businesses to back this campaign so the Government can no longer ignore the growing clamour for policy change.”