The boss of Iata says the introduction of the association’s new distribution capability is a modernising process to “revolutionise” airline retailing.

Speaking at the Arab Air Carriers Organisation annual meeting in Algiers, director general and chief executiveTony Tyler said approval of the NDC would enable carriers to sell their full range of offerings through all distribution channels.

“It is time to modernise distribution,” he said. “Our customers expect more. When they buy the hotel component of their travel, they can choose the room category, views, package it with a spa treatment, and add breakfast or dinner options. Compare that to the options for buying a plane ticket from an agent.

“We have lots of ways to add value to our passenger’s travel experience. But the legacy model that powers current GDS systems cannot efficiently facilitate making these known to the traveller.

“The NDC will allow airlines to make their product offers available in the way that they would like to present their products.

“It will allow GDSs and new entrants to develop new solutions to revolutionise airline retailing.”