Consumers are still spending money on holidays and consider them a priority, according to a new poll.

But people are increasingly very budget-aware, and value for money is a key factor in choice of destination.

The survey of 1,000 adults found that 92% plan to take at least one break in 2013.

Nearly 40% said that budget most governed their choice of holiday destination.

Most people are choosing to holiday closer to home, with nearly three quarters of those surveyed taking their last holiday in the UK or Europe.

Holidays remain a priority for the majority, with more than 70% of those questioned feeling a holiday was more important than a new TV, gadgets such as an iPad, Xbox or smartphone, or eating out.

The internet and travel guides are the most popular sources of travel information, with personal recommendations from friends and family also considered very important.

Smartphone apps still have a way to go before becoming the ‘go to’ source of information, with only 8.3% of those questioned using them as a source of travel information.

Sun and beach holidays provide the ideal holiday for many (35%), but results also suggest that holidaymakers are looking for more than just lying on the beach, with culture (22%) and sights of interest in the area (29%) also key factors in choice of holiday destination.