British Airways and Virgin Atlantic passengers will be shown a film promoting the benefits of aviation to local communities.

The Great British Flying Test film will be shown by both airlines from today (Friday) as part of a campaign by lobby group the Aviation Foundation.

The move comes in the same week that the foundation submits evidence to the government’s Airports Commission on the economic benefits of aviation.

The short film was shot on location in Carlisle, the UK town furthest away from a major international airport.

The aim is to demonstrate the importance of aviation to local areas, even when at first glance there seems to be no apparent link.

The film sees journalist and broadcaster Tim Samuels take a ‘journey of discovery’ to uncover the human stories behind the economic statistics, bringing to life the positive effects of aviation in the UK.

Aviation Foundation executive director Rob Gray said: “The Great British Flying Test campaign has already shown politicians how aviation brings economic benefits to their doorsteps but the in-flight promotion of the film reaches significant new audiences.

“Today, we will also remind the Airports Commission that 170 organisations representing millions of employees in the UK have backed the foundation’s campaign because a successful aviation industry is vital to their work at home and abroad.”