Abta has confirmed that the European Commission will publish its revised Package Travel Directive in July.

A spokesman said: “Abta has had confirmation that the European Commission is moving ahead with an important step in its proposed revisions to the Package Travel Directive (PTD), with Inter-Service Consultation (ISC) having begun earlier this week.

“ISC is the final stage of the Commission’s internal editing process and we anticipate that the proposals will be published by the end of July. This is the point when we will have a first opportunity to see the proposals for the revised Directive.”

Abta said activity amending the proposal will not begin in the European Parliament or the Council until September, and a swift negotiation process will be required for the legislative process to be completed before European elections in May 2014.  

Once proposals have been published, Abta will consult with members on the contents in order to continue its lobbying work in Europe.

More information is available on Abta’s website.