The GTMC is preparing a series of sales-training courses and has plans for an academy targeting college students.

The courses will lead to certificates in sales management, professional selling and sales negotiation and be open to all, but at a discount to GTMC members and partners. Full details should be announced shortly.

GTMC chief executive Paul Wait told the GTMC conference: “There are proposals for a foundation and we’re looking at ways to launch an academy to attract people to the industry. We will put proposals to the executive in the near future.”

Wait told Travel Weekly: “The courses are for people already in roles. But I’m passionate about creating opportunities for kids and attracting people into the industry. So we’re talking about creating an academy – we just need to figure out how to fund it.

“Kids don’t think of the travel industry. The question is how do we attract them, take talent and help it grow? The pressure on members is to hire experience.”

Wait hopes the academy will be ready to launch by October with a 24-week programme of class-based learning aimed at college students.