More than half of holidaymakers would ignore Foreign & Commonwealth Office travel warnings, a study shows.

Three quarters of those questioned about the impact of government travel warnings by said they do not check the FCO website for advice before travelling.

If the destination in question was somewhere with a warning in place, 53% of the 1,962 British adults who took part said they would still go ahead with their holiday.

Of those who said they would heed the advice, “violent incidents and protests” were voted most likely to put them off visiting.

Warnings of “severe weather and natural disaster” would also make them reconsider. managing director Chris Clarkson told the Daily Telegraph:  “I was shocked to see that many Britons don’t bother to check advice that’s been issued, as it should be part and parcel of the holiday bookings process, especially if you’re planning to go somewhere off the beaten track.

“The Foreign Office issues travel warnings for a reason. Britons wishing to remain safe and enjoy a hassle-free trip overseas should always check the FO website for advice and base their travel plans around what they find.”