Tui Travel is to work with Boeing to help promote wider adoption of sustainable technologies for aircraft.

The travel group is partnering with the manufacturer on the next stage of its ecoDemonstrator programme, which aims to accelerate creation and production of sustainable technologies, while working with the industry and suppliers to champion innovation in aviation.

A Boeing 757 selected for the initiative will spend the next year being fitted with a selection of new technologies and begin technical validation and operational testing in 2015.

The ecoDemonstrator 757 flight test aircraft will visit a number of cities in Europe to showcase the new environmental technologies.

The businesses will test a recycling method for improving recovery and reuse of the aircraft’s materials at the end of the development programme.

Tui Travel deputy chief executive Johan Lundgren (pictured) said: “The ecoDemonstrator programme sets a benchmark in research and development – it has the potential to drive meaningful change in the industry and we look forward to being a part of the programme.

“Tui Travel is committed to sustainability and this initiative gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our leadership in this space.

“It is a fantastic example of innovation which plays a significant role in mapping out the future of air travel, not just for Boeing and Tui Travel, but for the industry as a whole.”