Online travel agent Broadway Travel is claiming a 70% rise in bookings to Greece this year over 2013.

Company statistics show that all inclusive holidays are especially popular – 77% of all packages booked from January to March fell into this category.

However, families appear to be holding back on booking their summer break with only 22% of the holidays to Greece booked by families.

Families, for obvious reasons, tend to be more risk averse, so perhaps it will take slightly longer for the family trips to bounce back, the company said.

Product and marketing director Jason Waldron said: “The economic crisis meant Greece fell out of favour last year for many UK holidaymakers who opted to travel elsewhere as would be tourists took fright at the prospect of strikes and street protests.

“This year is a totally different ball game as hoteliers keen to encourage travellers to the region have dropped prices significantly leading to an all round price plunge.”