Travel rewards scheme Avios is to become the official travel partner of sustainable tourism charity the Travel Foundation.

The move will see Avios supporting the charity by providing sponsorship as well as in-kind support for travel and accommodation.

The Avios funding will contribute to the Travel Foundation’s ongoing work in holiday destinations around the world.

The charity has generated more than £1 million in local income across its projects in 14 countries since being founded in 2003.

Avios head of corporate social responsibility Ellen Buckingham said: “Corporate responsibility is at the heart of Avios’ business. We aim to make travel and tourism sustainable tools for economic growth, social progress and environmental protection.

“Our members love to travel but want to have a positive impact on the environment and the communities they are visiting. Through our partnership with the Travel Foundation we will help them to achieve this.”

Travel Foundation acting chief executive Salli Felton said: “We are incredibly grateful to Avios for its support.

“The partnership means more of our hard-raised funds can be used on the ground to deliver even more benefits to communities in holiday destinations worldwide such as Mexico, Cyprus, Jamaica and Kenya, where we plan to travel this year.

“We are also excited about using our considerable experience and expertise in sustainable tourism to support Avios’ ambitions.”

Avios and the Travel Foundation will also collaborate in the development and delivery of employee training to ensure that the principles and practice of sustainable tourism are embedded in the company.

The Travel Foundation will run bespoke workshops for Avios staff, share online training courses and provide expert support and guidance.