British Airways expects to fly 500,000 passengers on 4,000 flights a total of 5.5 million miles this Bank Holiday weekend.

BA revealed the figures ahead of the busiest holiday of the year when it also anticipates carrying 400,000 bags.

The carrier estimates 48,000 passengers or almost one in ten will pass through a BA lounge over the weekend and about one in 100 of these have a massage.

Almost 5,300 cabin crew and more than 2,300 flight crew will work over the weekend.

Cabin crew members will serve 9,900 bottles of Champagne and almost 93,000 full bottles of wine while looking after more than 1,200 unaccompanied children.

BA chief commercial officer Drew Crawley said: “It’s a huge logistical effort from everyone at British Airways to ensure all our customers fly with as little fuss as possible despite the huge numbers.”