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More people are looking for a job in travel this autumn than at any point since May 2013, a new study shows.

At the same time the number of new vacancies in September rose at its fastest pace so far this year.

Salaries for new travel jobs recovered last month to increase by 1.4% and reach an average of £24,542.

Much of this rise was due to the strong growth in wages for new roles based in the north of the UK and the continuing strength of salaries for executive travel roles.

But there was a dip in wages for positions based in the south of the country. This led to a 0.86% overall fall in pay for standard travel roles to £18,867.

The figures come from the latest Travel Salary Index from C&M Travel Recruitment and Chisholm & Moore Executive Recruitment, which surveyed all new travel jobs and candidates registered at the companies during the month.

C&M Sales director, Barbara Kolosinska, said: “We haven’t seen as many new candidates looking for travel jobs as this since May 2013, so we’re delighted to be so busy.

“With the exception of January – which traditionally sees a flood of interest from candidates once the distractions of Christmas have passed – September 2014 had the biggest monthly increase in new job seekers that we have seen in the past three years.

“With more new jobs also coming on to the market, the travel recruitment sector seems set for a very busy end to the year.”

Kolosinska added: “With more candidates, more jobs and higher salaries, the travel recruitment market is firmly back on track after the summer holiday season.

“Lots of job seekers are now searching for a new role in travel – and there’s plenty on offer.”