The UK-based Foreign Airlines Association (FAA) has welcomed the creation of the Airlines for Europe (A4E) lobbying group.

International Airlines Group, easyJet, Ryanair, Air France KLM and Lufthansa Group have joined forces to put pressure on European lawmakers to improve conditions for airlines on the ground and in the air.

FAA chairman, Colin Stewart, said: “We are delighted to hear about the launch of new airline lobby group, Airlines for Europe.

“Whilst Board of Airline Representatives UK (Bar UK) plays a vital role on a national level, representation across Europe is an extremely welcome development.

“The voice of the airline industry needs to be heard and with the ‘big five’ already steering the way, I am certain A4E will successfully and rapidly grow its member base and implement essential changes to the benefit of the industry and of passengers across the continent.”

He added: Policymakers within Europe would be wise to listen to this informed and important stakeholder.

“As with Bar UK, there are natural synergies between the FAA and Airlines for Europe and I would be keen to build a relationship with A4E to support the important issues that the association will be tackling in the near future and beyond.”