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Major European destinations appear to have suffered double-digit declines in intention to travel in the immediate aftermath of the Brussels terror attacks.

Brussels showed a week-on-week decline in travel intent of 51%, London a drop of 29%, Paris 35% and Berlin 38%, according to latest data compiled by travel performance marketing engine, Sojern.

The ripple effect was similar to the days following the Paris attacks last November.

The slump in travel interest in the Belgian capital was strongest for UK travellers with a week-on-week decline of 67% on Easter Monday.

Travel intent to Brussels from Italian travellers dropped as low as 62% and 56% for German travellers.

Flight bookings for Brussels went down by more than half on the day of the attacks and have stayed down since, the Sojern analysis shows.

Bookings immediately dropped by 55% on the day of the attacks and slumped to as low as 62% on Easter Sunday.