One in four business travellers (30%) are feeling uncertain about the prospect of Britain withdrawing from the European Union, according to a new study.

Corporate travellers in Wales are the most concerned (23%), while those in the northeast worry the least (6%) about the prospect of Brexit.

Respondents in London fell somewhere in between, with 16% stating that the prospect of Brexit worried them.

Almost one in five business owners fear possible delays at passport control and 21% are concerned about increased air fares, which could see them reduce the frequency of trips in an effort to cut costs.

Almost a quarter (24%) were most concerned about having to apply for visas to enter countries before their trips.

Despite concerns over the outcome of the June 23 EU referendum, majority do not see it as a reason to halt their global business plans or business trips abroad.

More than half (67%) of business travellers said that they were definitely expecting to travel abroad and do more business globally next year.

Jennifer Conneely, board member of industry currency conversion body the DCC Forum, which commissioned the poll of 500 business travellers, said: “The business community is naturally watching the upcoming EU referendum very closely.

“Travelling abroad for business has become a regular occurrence for many, so understandably there are questions being raised on how this might change, and what impact it will have on businesses and the broader economy.

“For now, it’s reassuring to see that many business owners still have their sights set on doing more business globally over the next 12 months, despite the concerns and uncertainty surrounding Britain’s future within the EU.”