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A wish list of four key “asks” has been complied by UKinbound for new prime minister Theresa May and her government to consider moving towards the EU negotiations.

The trade body has emphasised in a letter the importance of demonstrating that Britain remains an outward-facing nation that is open for business “at a time of great uncertainty for the UK economy” and which will continue to welcome visitors from around the world.

It wants to seen continued access to the Single Market to ensure the free movement of goods, finance, and people around the European Union, without any tariffs.

Continued access to the European open skies agreement is seen as a key driver of inbound tourism to the UK, expanding transatlantic and intra-EU flights and allowing carriers to offer lower fares and provide more convenient and efficient service to consumers.

UKinbound also wants assurance regarding residency for its members’ employees, with more than 30% being EU migrants.

UKinbound chief executive Deirdre Wells said: “Although the negotiating blueprint is far from clear for the pending Brexit, we hope that these four key ‘asks’ to the government will support and ensure the maximum growth for our industry.

“These are issues our members feel are important in maintaining a relationship with the EU.

“We are a resilient industry and I am confident that our vibrant industry can overcome these challenges we face.”