A travel insurer is expanding the scope of cover to include some cancellations which may be made as a result of the Zika virus.

The main countries affected include Mexico, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Cape Verde, Brazil and large parts of central South America and Thailand.

Some operators may still be offering pregnant women travelling to affected countries the option to change their destination and customers are advised to contact their travel company in the first instance to discuss their options.

However, UK General Insurance Group said it will accept cancellation claims to Zika-affected countries for pregnancy where the booking was prior to the confirmed pregnancy, including Florida.

“We will accept cancellation claims also for people who can demonstrate with medical evidence that they were attempting or considering a pregnancy, this could be confirmed by medical notes showing discussions with their GP, family planning clinic notes or IVF confirmation,” the firm added.

The insurer is to continue closely monitor the situation over the coming weeks provide an update should its position alter.