Average travel salaries rose by by 4.37% to £25,608 in August over the same month last year.

The 0.82% month on month increase from July means that pay for new travel jobs has now increased in nine of the past ten months.

Pay for the average standard travel job remained almost static in August with a dip of just £4 taking the typical wage to £21,862.

However, this remains 6.86% above the figure in the same month of last year, with standard travel salaries now having risen annually for the past 15 successive months, according to new figures from C&M Recruitment and C&M Executive Recruitment.

The number of new travel vacancies being made available and the number of new candidates looking for roles took an expected dip in August as a result of many people opting to focus on their annual holidays.

Despite this, the number of travel job placements made in the month rose annually by 20% and was above the average monthly figure for 2015.

C&M director, Barbara Kolosinska, said: “As ever, August was a quiet month for the travel recruitment sector, but we were delighted to still see activity rise by a full 20% compared to last August.

“After a terrific first two quarters followed by a slow start to the summer, this comparatively busy August should set the sector up for a very exciting and productive autumn, with many travel companies looking to ensure they have the right team in place for the busy period ahead.”