UKinbound has responded to three government and parliamentary inquiries underway covering the impact of Brexit.

The trade association, which represents more than 370 tourism businesses, has commented on inquiries in the House of Commons and House of Lords plus a tourism industry council paper on the tourism-related impacts and opportunities created by the UK leaving the EU. 

UKinbound chief executive Deirdre Wells OBE said: “We are endeavouring to work closely with parliamentarians and the government to convey our members’ key priorities and concerns regarding the implications of Brexit on the UK tourism industry.

“When developing the new relationship with Europe it’s imperative that a number of priorities are addressed from access to the single market, single aviation market and the open skies agreement, to protection for EU migrant workers and free movement of EU visitors to the UK.

“It’s also important that we send a clear message that the UK is open for business and will remain a welcoming destination for inbound visitors.”

She added: “The UK’s tourism sector is resilient and over recent years the industry has been a real engine of growth during periods of economic change.

“We welcome the opportunity to contribute to important inquiries and papers and hope that the Brexit implications raised can be addressed, ensuring the industry continues to flourish and prosper.”

UKinbound outlined four key “asks” for the government to consider during EU negotiations in a letter to prime minister Theresa May in July:

•   A strong narrative promoting the UK as a welcoming destination;

•   Continued access to the single market;

•   Continued access to the open skies agreement; and

•   Assurance regarding residency for its members’ employees