The Travel Network Group members are to get a new consumer magazine produced by the consortium to use to market to their customers.

Traveller magazine, launched this week, will target more discerning clients who are looking at holiday options based on adventure rather than price.

The magazine, which will be distributed to member stores at the end of October, will feature worldwide destinations including Africa, Dubai, New Zealand and South America.

It will offer consumers top tips on destinations and information on what’s hot and what’s not in resorts.

TTNG members who opt into receiving the magazine will receive 125 copies as part of their annual membership fees for no extra charge.

Si Morris-Green, group marketing director, said; “Traveller Magazine is all about inspiring consumers and is more of a coffee-table magazine aimed at those who aspire to be more of a traveller than a tourist.

“Over 100 members have opted in to receive the magazines and like to use them at events and mail them to their customers.”

The magazine will be published twice a year and is part of a portfolio of four magazines that are available to members.

“This is a conversation tool for our members to use with their customers,” added Morris-Green.

“Members like to send them to their clients, giving them an opportunity to build relationships and further interact.”