Staff at Broadway Travel Service will each receive an extra bonus if the company beats its annual revenue targets.

Managing director Adam Pardini announced the new incentive at the group’s annual conference in Portugal this week.

It will come into effect on January 1.

Pardini said: “For the achievement of the business, we want to reward the people who help us get there.

“It will be an extra bonus scheme on top of what they already get based on profits over and above our targets.

Every member of staff will receive a bonus from the long-term incentive plan, including call-centre staff, homeworkers and management.

The company employs more than 100 staff.

“Why should incentives just be for sales?” Pardini said.

Hugh Morgan, who joined Broadway as non-executive chairman in December, praised the scheme.

He added: “It encourages people to stay with us and continue to work hard and means that the staff share in the profits of the business, which encourages them to do well.”

The flagship announcement follows the theme of Broadway’s conference in Albufeira, which is focussing on improving the customer’s experience.