A Heathrow noise complaint is received on average every five minutes, according to official data.

Figures for January to October show 84,000 complaints, one for every five take-offs and landings.

But the airport said half the complaints received over the peak summer period were from just ten people.

Campaigners believe the planned third runway will result in more complaints and called for the airport to vary flight paths.

The airport said a total of 2,218 people made 25,200 complaints between July and September.

Of those, 12,312 – just under half the total – were said to have come from the same ten people

Slough accounted for the most complaints during the same time period, with 3,944. Heathrow said they came from just 22 people.

Further analysis by BBC News found that an average of 72 people have complained every day since the start of 2016.

The total number complaints received is an average of 283 a day, just under 12 every hour.