Nine days of official mourning will run in Cuba until Sunday (December 4) following the death of former president Fidel Castro.

British travellers to the Caribbean island have been advised to monitor local media as all public events have been cancelled following 90-year-old Castro’s death on Friday.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office updated its travel advice to detail the mourning period.

“Cubans have been invited to pay their respects at Plaza de la Revolucion [in Havana] on 28 and 29 November. There will be a rally there at 7pm (local) on Tuesday 29 November.

“Thereafter, in Santiago de Cuba, there will be a rally at 7pm on 3 December, and private ceremony there on 4 December.

“You should monitor local media, or get information from your tour operator or hotel about possible road closures or new information from the government.”

The first wave of new commercial flights from the US to Havana are due to arrive today, with an American Airlines service from Miami.

This will be followed by services from numerous US cities operated by United Airlines, JetBlue, Delta, Spirit, Frontier, Alaska Airlines and Southwest over the coming weeks.

The move to re-establish air links follows more than 50 years of isolation from the US with only charter flights allowed under strict restrictions.

The first of the new flights started in August with JetBlue flying between Fort Lauderdale and Santa Clara.