Mediterranean island Cyprus and Caribbean island Anguilla have both announced two-week lockdowns to prevent spread of Covid-19.

Cyprus’ government has signed-off a fresh lockdown from April 26 to May 10, with a curfew outside of the hours of 9am and 5pm, hospitality suspended and gatherings banned with the exception of churches over the Greek Easter weekend. Only shops selling essential items will be permitted to open.

Steve Bentzen, chief executive of tour operator Sunny Heart Travel, said: “Cyprus is a big target for us this summer and our Cyprus team are hoping this short lockdown will bring the cases down and fall into our green category. It shows they take Covid safety very seriously.”

Anguilla, the British overseas territory in the Caribbean, has imposed a two-week lockdown after identifying three Covid cases on the island on Wednesday, April 21.

The Caribbean destination said its “no nonsense” approach to management of the pandemic had helped it limit infections.

All three people who tested positive are now in isolation and the country’s ministry of health has begun an “aggressive contact-tracing programme” to minimise community transmission. Anguilla’s borders are closed until May 7 as a result.

The island recently announced its plans for a phased reopening, accepting fully-vaccinated guests from July 1 without a requirement to quarantine as long as they provide a negative PCR Covid test result.

Tourist board Visit Anguilla said: “The swift and serious response from the authorities confirms that Anguilla takes no chances when it comes to the safety of its residents and guests.”