The popularity of post-lockdown domestic breaks is outstripping interest in overseas holidays, new data reveals.

Four out of five (80%) UK adults say the Covid pandemic has affected their attitudes towards travelling.

While many people are excited about the prospect of going abroad, others are still very nervous, according to the poll by insurer Aviva.

A fifth (20%) of UK adults say the pandemic has made them less keen on travelling overseas, and the same proportion (20%) specifically say they are worried about becoming ill abroad. Around one in seven (15%) say they are worried holiday destinations “just won’t be the same” in the future.

One in 12 (8%) UK adults don’t think they will travel abroad again. This rises to 16% of those aged 65-74 and 20% of people aged 75 and above.

The proportion of UK people planning overseas holidays in March for the next 12 months was down to 37% from 66% in December 2019.

Those looking for a UK trip fell a smaller amount from 75% to 53%.

However, 41% of up to 4,000 people are more likely to travel abroad now that vaccines are available.

Beach breaks are unsurprisingly still the most popular type of holiday for would-be overseas travellers, the choice of nearly a fifth (18%) for the next 12 months.

Overseas city breaks are down to 10% from 25% in December 2019; visiting friends and relations down to 9% from 14% and cruise down from 8% to 6%.

But this proportion has almost dropped by half since December 2019, when 34% hoped to take a beach holiday abroad within the year.

Plans for UK camping and caravanning breaks are back up to pre-pandemic levels with 13% intending to take such a break in the next 12 months. Self-catering cottages are also rising in popularity – 16% compared to 19% pre-pandemic.

Aviva personal lines managing director Gareth Hemming said: “We are very aware that people look forward to a well-earned break.

“Having missed out on holidays during 2020, many individuals will be even more keen to travel when they can. But they are still nervous about the implications of Covid.

“However, when interviewed in March 2021, two fifths of UK people said they would be more likely to travel now that a Covid vaccine is available, so we can hope that there is positive news on the horizon, both for the tourism industry and for individuals as they see the return of the great British holiday.”