A climate action plan has been created by Explore designed to protect the plant as travel re-emerges from the pandemic.

Four elements have been identified to measure, reduce, mitigate and communicate its impact on the environment.

The operator will set out to measure the carbon footprint of every trip and to publish the results publically.

The reduction part of the plan will see the company continue its efforts to drive down carbon, using verified reductions on its trips, to ensure they stay on track to hit the Paris agreement.

The new action plan sees Explore move to a more comprehensive mitigation strategy.

Where there is residual carbon following reductions, Explore will continue offsetting.

Additionally, the company is looking to invest more than £1 million over three years across the areas of rewilding, protection and offsetting.

Explore also reiterated its pledge to communicate along the way, to include both successes and failings.

Head of sustainability Prue Stone said: “This is a crucial landmark in our sustainability strategy.

“I am excited to unveil our new plan, and I’m confident that Explore will have the most comprehensive climate plan in the industry.

“We’ve given ourselves the target of November 2021, when the UK is hosting the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, to have finalised and confirmed each element of the plan.

“It’s an ambitious target, but one we are energised by, and are confident we can meet.”

The company also set its staff and partners across the world the task of getting outside on Earth Day to explore their local area by walking, cycling or paddling.

In total, including tour leaders, the team managed to clock 1,576,531 steps or 672 miles.

Some colleagues and friends met for the first time in more than a year, and many bags of rubbish were collected along the way.