has added dozens of new tours and destinations to match changes to cruise line itineraries, up to 2023.

The excursions specialist offers travel agents 16% commission and says its average sale price is £350.

New destinations include Sochi, Pionersky and Vladivostok, in Russia, Grundarfjordur in Iceland, Priaia Da Vitoria in the Azores and Trieste in Italy.

Chief operating officer Simonne Fairbanks said: “Travel agents are reporting cautious optimism for sailings later this year but it’s cruise bookings for 2022 and 2023 that are now filtering through to us to match with excursions.

“One reason is the ‘Life and Shift’ strategy, passengers on cancelled cruises now have the confidence to rebook.

“In addition, we’re noticing enquiries for special excursions. I think this is the ‘Big Holiday’ effect, with upgrades, luxurious touches and private tours requested, making up for a lost holiday year!”

“Cruise lines have introduced some new ports of call and during lockdown we have worked up some exciting new excursions at these destinations – we have more product than ever before.”

Cruising Excursions tours are pre-bookable, with a price match guarantee and free cancellation up to 14 days prior to sailing. Excursions include English-speaking tour guides and the firm says they’ve never missed a ship’s departure.